What is Womansong?

Make your life your song!


Once upon a time there was a happy little girl. She had one goal for her life: to be a cowgirl! Pistol-packin’, with her trusty steed (it may have looked like a bike to everyone else…) she was ready to conquer the world. For sure, she got into her share of adventures and misadventures, but she was curious, bright, engaged, gutsy, and confident about her future.

This girl became a woman. She grew up, left the cowboy fantasy behind, got several college degrees, and went out to save the world, as many young people of her generation tried to do. Along the way, she met the love of her life, married, and had a daughter and a son. Life became very complicated!

I was that little girl. Now I’m “all grown up.”  Along the way, I found myself lost in a maze of responsibilities, demands, and expectations. Many people needed many things from me. My aging parents wondered why I didn’t visit more often. My husband and children depended on me as the person who kept everything going on the home front.  I tailored a work life around these compelling responsibilities. I tried to please everyone, to fill all the needs.  I persevered, but was stalked by a hollow feeling, unsure that I was accomplishing anything meaningful or authentic.

Inside me: niggling voices, goading me with questions. Who was I, really? What did I want from my life? How could I incorporate my dreams and goals with all the responsibilities and expectations that often overwhelmed me?

It’s a long story, full of unexpected twists, opportunities, surprises, and triumphs as well as setbacks, heartaches, and sleepless nights. Instinctively, I was sure that beyond all the roles B  daughter, friend, lover, wife, mother, worker, homemaker  B  there must be some way, some space, for we women to be our own personal selves as well. What we need is to find the right framework, a feminine way to balance these roles and allow the emergence of harmony.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that in order to find my path, I needed to write. I’ve always written to figure things out. My thoughts make more sense to me when I consciously frame them into words, force them into some logic and structure, and put them down on paper. Then I can see these thoughts from outside myself, more objectively, and let them speak to me in new ways.

I was too busy to write during my years “in the trenches” with family. When the nest emptied, the urge to figure out how the pieces fit together consumed me. I started writing, having no idea what would appear on the page. The results grew into Womansong: Balance and Harmony in a Feminine Key.

Now in publication and available through this website, (BUY NOW!) Womansong is a little book of big ideas. I hope it will encourage important conversations among mothers and daughters, sisters and friends. Womansong is a celebration of possibilities, declaring  that there can be solutions to everyday, ordinary problems and conflicts that are life-affirming not only for women as individuals, but also for those they love whose lives are inextricably interwoven with their own. 

This Womansong website exists to foster conversations among women who are searching for ways to bring harmony and inner peace into their lives by finding ways to balance the many demands on their time and energies. Visit the Kindred Spirits page to become part of the conversation.