Meet the Artist: Renée Locks

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Renée Locks, well-known artist and calligrapher, is my artistic partner, adding beauty, creativity, and hopefulness to Womansong through her unique artistic renderings and calligraphy. Renée has been a multimedia artist, calligrapher, and poet in the San Francisco Bay Area for thirty years. Her calligraphy celebrates the joy of heartfelt, gentle, and strong words. Her artistic renditions invite us to remember the magic in our own world and in ourselves.

Renée’s work is inspired by the feeling nature invokes in her and is influenced by the simplicity and directness of Japanese art. She mixes her own sumi ink with an ink stick. A calligraphy teacher for more than ten years, Renée calligraphs works to nourish, heal, and bless the mind, heart, and spirit. “Peace begins within us,” she says. “I would like my work to help us stay in touch with peace within us and around us.” Her work appears on Brush Dance bookmarks, greeting cards, journals, postercards, and t-shirts. ( ) She also exhibits her work in art galleries and art fairs.

Renée’s commitment to this project stems from her belief that while many books are written about trying to deal with dysfunction, Womansong is unique in that it gropes with real, painful questions in functional women’s lives from a position of finding solutions within healthy relationships.

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