Love & Questions

Use the themes of womanhood to live joyously


Womansong’s themes are the issues that are central in women’s lives: Love (hyperlink), is the reason for everything, as well as the solution for everything. Questions, (hyperlink) are the means of growth and discovery. (Questions are not always welcome – they can be most unsettling – but without them, we’d never move forward.)

Womansong’s chapters are not numbered. Instead, its themes are woven into sections by correlating them to musical concepts. For example, Leitmotifs are short signature tunes, used in Wagnerian opera to identify the cast of characters as they appear. In Womansong, the Leitmotifs section is a series of essays about issues that and occur and reoccur often throughout women’s live, such as change, risk, and facing our darker, less acceptable thoughts.  Musical metaphors are surprisingly apt. Like composers, we use a relatively small number of building blocks in an infinite variety of ways to make up our individual lives. Womansong describes possibilities, and is designed to begin conversations about quality of life issues.

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